Committee Composition

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  Audit Corporate Governance Compensation
Isa Odidi, Ph.D., MBA Chairman of the Board      
Amina Odidi , Ph.D.      
Dr. Kenneth Keirstead Member of Audit Committee Committee Chair for Corporate Governance Committee Member of Compensation Committee

Dr. Keirstead served as a director of Intellipharmaceutics Inc. since 2006. He is educated in clinical biochemistry and business administration. He has worked in the health care delivery and pharmaceutical industries for over 45 years. Dr. Keirstead was President and CEO, Sanofi Winthrop Canada Inc.; General Manager, Squibb Medical Systems International; President, Chemfet International and President, Quinton Instruments among other positions. Mr. Keirstead has published studies and reports on health care and related services topics. Since 1998, Mr. Keirstead's principal occupation has been as Executive Manager of the Lyceum Group, a Canadian consulting services company primarily active in the health care field, of which Mr. Keirstead is the founder.
Bahadur Madhani, CM Committee Chair for Audit Committee   Member of Compensation Committee
Eldon Smith, OC, MD, FRCPC Member of Audit Committee Member of Corporate Governance Committee Committee Chair for Compensation Committee