Hypermatrix™ is a novel concept based on hyper-dimensionality in which a drug matrix assembly is defined as five dimensional in nature: length, height, width, space, and time. The understanding and controlling of properties associated with these dimensions facilitates time-release delivery of a wide range of pharmaceuticals.

Our Hypermatrix™ technology works within the human body, responding to the multivariate external environment of the Gastro-Intestinal Tract (GIT), releasing active drug at the desired time and according to the desired profile. This is achieved with:


  • Spatial Recognition and Control of the optimum GIT site for drug release
  • Defensive Control over adverse factors such as food effects or excess acidity
  • Temporal Control over the time when drug release commences or ends
  • Structural Control over the physical characteristics of the solid dosage form from ingestion to full release
  • Rate Control over the entire release profile to deliver true intelligent extended-release


Using our Hypermatrix™ concept, we have designed several controlled-release delivery platforms.