Technology Portfolio

Applying our proprietary technology to the development of both existing and new pharmaceuticals across a range of therapeutic classes.


A Broad Range of Release Profiles

Our technologies provide a broad range of release profiles, taking into account the physical and chemical characteristics of a drug product, the therapeutic use of the particular drug, and the optimal site for release of the active pharmaceutical ingredient in the gastrointestinal tract (GIT). We will often use more than one technology to develop a single drug product.

Control Release Delivery Platforms

Other CR Platforms

Using our Hypermatrix™ concept, we have designed several controlled-release delivery platforms: IntelliFoam™, IntelliGITransporter™, IntelliMatrix™, IntelliOsmotics™, IntelliPaste™, IntelliShuttle™ and IntelliPellets™.

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Abuse Deterrent Technologies

Our Oxycodone hydrochloride ER (abuse deterrent oxycodone hydrochloride extended release tablets) product candidate was developed with properties considered to be abuse deterrent. We have developed a full suite of abuse deterrent physico-chemical properties that are embedded within this new drug candidate.

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Overdose Prevention Technologies


The PODRAS™ delivery technology platform was designed to prevent overdose when more pills than prescribed are swallowed intact. Preclinical studies suggest that, unlike other third-party abuse-deterrent oxycodone products in the marketplace, if more tablets than prescribed are deliberately or inadvertently swallowed, the amount of drug active released over 24 hours may be substantially less than expected. However, if the prescribed number of pills is swallowed, the drug release should be as expected. We intend to apply PODRAS™ to our Oxycodone hydrochloride ER XR oxycodone drug candidate, although this technology can be applied to any solid dose formulation.

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