Abuse Deterrent Technologies

Striving to attain certain physico-chemical clinical studies outcomes in order to consider our products to be considered abuse deterrent.

Abuse Deterrent Technologies

Abuse Deterrent Technologies

We suggest that our technologies provide the following physico-chemical properties in order for our products to be considered abuse deterrent:

  • Should be difficult to abuse through crushing, chewing or licking
  • Release of opioid is likely to be slower or not instantaneous in a range of beverages and solvents
  • Should not "dose dump", or instantaneously release the entire dose of opioid, in the presence of ethanol over a range of concentrations
  • When pulverized and reduced to particles, should be difficult and time consuming to syringe or inject in the form and volume suitable for intravenous administration
  • When pulverized or reduced to particles, contains an irritant which should make it difficult or inefficient to snort or inhale
  • Release of opioid should be insignificant or inefficient via heating and vaporization
  • Extraction of opioid which has been microwaved should be difficult or inefficient

Partnership Opportunities

With the help of our partners, we apply our proprietary delivery platform technologies and expertise in pharmaceutics, drug delivery and drug manufacture with the goal of minimizing the risk, time and manufacturing cost of bringing the finished product to market.

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Product Pipeline

See our technology in action. Our product portfolio includes both new products, which follow a New Drug Application (NDA) 505(b)(2) FDA regulatory pathway, and controlled-release generic products, which follow an Abbreviated New Drug Application (ANDA) pathway.

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