Our Hypermatrix™ technology platform is at the core of a family of drug delivery technologies that underlie our development and marketing programs. Hypermatrix™ is a novel concept based on hyper-dimensionality. The understanding and controlling of properties associated with these dimensions facilitates time-release delivery of a wide range of pharmaceuticals.

The technology works within the human body, responding to the multivariate external environment of the Gastro-Intestinal Tract (GIT), releasing the active drug at the desired time and according to the desired profile.

Hypermatrix™ technologies are based upon the drug active being imbedded in, and an integral part of, a homogeneous (uniform) core and/or coatings consisting of one or more polymers that affect the release rates of drugs. Our technology allows for the intelligent and efficient design of drugs through the precise manipulation of a number of key variables. This allows us to respond to varying drug attributes and patient requirements, producing a desired controlled-release effect.

Product Pipeline

See our technology in action. Our product portfolio includes both new products, which follow a New Drug Application (NDA) 505(b)(2) FDA regulatory pathway, and controlled-release generic products, which follow an Abbreviated New Drug Application (ANDA) pathway.

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Partnership Opportunities

With the help of our partners, we apply our proprietary delivery platform technologies and expertise in pharmaceutics, drug delivery and drug manufacture with the goal of minimizing the risk, time and manufacturing cost of bringing the finished product to market.

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