The nPODDDS™ technology platform is designed to provide for certain unique drug delivery features in a product. These include the release of the active substance to show a divergence in a dissolution and/or bioavailability profile. The divergence represents a point or a segment in a release timeline where the release rate, represented by the slope of the curve, changes from an initial rate or set of rates to another rate or set of rates, the former representing the usually higher rate of release shortly after ingesting a dose of the drug, and the latter representing the rate of release over a later and longer period of time, being more in the nature of a controlled-release or sustained action. It is applicable for the delivery of opioid analgesics in which it is desired to discourage common methods of tampering associated with misuse and abuse of a drug, and also dose dumping in the presence of alcohol. It can potentially retard tampering without interfering with the bioavailability of the product.

How It Works

Controlled Release

The nPODDDS™ technology platform is designed to release the prescribed dosage of pain medication throughout the dosage cycle. This means that from ingestion, the pain medication is quickly released and remains at a fairly constant level until it begins to drop off.

Abuse Prevention and Deterrence

The goal is to prevent too high a dose, which results in euphoria, or too low a dose, which encourages abuse by taking more medicine than is needed for the pain.

The nPODDDS™ technology can also be applied to any other type of time-release medication.

Product Pipeline

See our technology in action. Our product portfolio includes both new products, which follow a New Drug Application (NDA) 505(b)(2) FDA regulatory pathway, and controlled-release generic products, which follow an Abbreviated New Drug Application (ANDA) pathway.

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Partnership Opportunities

With the help of our partners, we apply our proprietary delivery platform technologies and expertise in pharmaceutics, drug delivery and drug manufacture with the goal of minimizing the risk, time and manufacturing cost of bringing the finished product to market.

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